Webinar: Setting up in China.

Corporate Structures, Working Space Solutions, and more

Taking the right first steps in China will help you ensure a smooth market entry and avoid regulatory obstacles in the long run.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what type of legal entity to establish in China. Our first speaker, Laura, will help you clarify whether a wholly foreign owned enterprise (China WFOE) or a repre­sen­tative office (RO) is best suited to your strategy and vision in China. 

The second speaker, Ruth, will explain “China in the nutshell and how to find the best working space in China” in order to help you identify how to ideally set up your business in China. Learn what is important when you choose an office location and what would be the best befitting solution for you and your business.


Laura Velasco
Based in Shanghai, Laura is Client Services Manager in Fiducia’s Corporate Service team in China. She has helped hundreds of clients design the best approach for their China investment, advising them on company setups and restructuring. She will give you a clear, in-depth understanding of the regulations, best practices, and common pitfalls that are relevant to your business.

Ruth Schimanowski
Based in Beijing, Ruth is the Managing Director of the German Centre Beijing, which has been supporting German companies since 1999. The German Centre Beijing is part of the global German Centre network. Supporting German companies with offices, advice and networks in growth markets worldwide, in China, Mexico, Russia and Sin­ga­pore.
Her working experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of economic, legal and cultural conditions in China.


PART I: Choosing a Corporate Structure

  • Advantages and limitations of each structure (WFOE and RO)
  • Overview of the requirements and setup process for each structure

PART II: China-Specific Trends and Working Space Solutions

  • Current Mega trends in China
  • Finding the ideal working space suited for your business


When: 28 November 2018, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CST

Registration: here


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