Tenant Interview.

Ruth Schimanowski | DAAD Beijing.

The German Centre Beijing does not only provide workspaces to small and medium-sized enterprises, but is also home for some of Germany's most well-known organizations from the science, research and education sector.

We sat down with Ruth Schimanowski, Chief Repre­sen­tative of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)  to talk about her new office and the benefits of being a German Centre Beijing tenant.

What kind of office space did you want to create when relocating together with the German Centre Beijing?

RS: The new office space is designed to encourage a collaborative work environment for our employees to better work together during projects. We not only upgraded our office equipment but have also invested in clean air efforts and bright and open spaces. Investing in new tech not only makes work more efficient but allows our staff to enjoy their workspace. We are especially excited about our new touch screen and magnetic whiteboard in the meeting room as well as the natural light that brightens up the space through the numerous windows.

You are now forming a science and education cluster - with other well-known organizations located right next door. What do you want to achieve with the science and education cluster and what are its benefits?

RS: German higher education values practical integration between education and research. It is very beneficial for us to form a close alliance with German companies and science organizations such as Helmholtz and Fraunhofer. It´s great to be neighbors.

Why did you decide to move together with the German Centre to DRC building?

RS: The Liangmaqiao DRC is a perfect location for us as it’s close to various German institutes and companies as well as the German Embassy itself. The surrounding areas also provide great access to facilities such as restaurants and shops that our employees can enjoy on a day-to-day basis. We not only want to provide convenience in developing our business relationships, but also a way for our employees to enjoy where they work.

Furthermore, the German Centre team has guaranteed a smooth transition process. Their prompt communication and network from furniture fittings to IT and moving services have allowed us to make the move smoothly and seamlessly.



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