Movie Night: Feuerzangenbowle (The Punch Bowl) at German Centre Beijing

Join us to celebrate the Christmas season with the traditional movie Feuerzangenbowle (The Punch Bowl), mulled wine and German canapés. As usual, the famous German movie will be shown in the original version with English subtitles.

Date: Friday, 11th December 2020
When: 6.30 p.m.
Organizer: German Centre Beijing
Venue: German Centre Beijing | DRC Liangmaqiao Office Building | Unit 1101A
Register via:
Note: Please state your company name, title and mobile phone number.
Fee: Free of charge for German Centre Tenants.
100 RMB per person for non-German Centre Tenants (cash or wechat pay).

             We are looking forward to celebrating with you the festive Christmas
                                             season at our DRC office.      

Did you know…..?

That the Romans did mulled wine first? – the roman version of mulled wine was known as conditum paradoxum (“surprise spiced wine”).

That there is a German student song about Feuerzangebowle, called Krambambuli – can you pronounce it?

That the movie is based on a novel – Die Feuerzangenbowle – written by Heinrich Spoerl?

That this novel was so popular that it ultimately led to three movies, the most famous of which was released in 1944?

                         How to make Feuerzangenbowle yourself? Try it with our favorite
                                    Feuerzangenbowle recipe (serves 12-15 people).


3 bottles of dry red wine (750 ml each)
2 cinnamon sticks
cardamom (or a pinch of ground ginger)
1-2 oranges
1-2 lemons
5 cloves
Zuckerhut/Sugar Cone*
1 sugar cone
1 bottle of high-proof brown rum (750 ml, min. 54% alcohol; Bacardi 151 or similar)

CAUTION! This recipe requires the use of high-proof alcohol and an open flame. Use care!





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