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The Voice of German Industry.

BDI – Federation of German Industries

  • Full Name: BDI – Federation of German Industries, Beijing Repre­sen­tative Office
  • Founded: 1919
  • Industry: Federation
  • Chief Repre­sen­tative: Stefan Gätzner
  • Website: www.bdi.eu
  • Contact: Ms SHEN Tong
  • Email: t.shen@bdi.eu 
  • Phone: +86 10 8532 5997
  • German Centre tenant since: 2016


The BDI is the umbrella organization of German industry and industry-related services. It speaks for 40 trade associations and more than 100,000 enterprises with around 8 million employees. The BDI conveys the interests of German industry to the political decision-makers in Germany, Europe and worldwide. In the process the organization provides support for German business enterprises engaged in global competition. The BDI has at its disposal a widely branching network in Germany and Europe, in all important markets and in international organizations. The BDI takes care of the political flanking of international market opening. And it offers information and economic policy consultations for all topics related to industry.

The BDI repre­sen­tative office in Beijing acts as an interface between the German industry and its partners in China. We maintain contact with Chinese government and administrative insti­tutions, as well as partners from associations, universities, and think tanks. Our network also covers the German Embassy and other representations of German insti­tutions in China, including the offices of our member organizations, political foundations, companies and the media. In Beijing, we gain first-hand information about the current state of affairs in the Chinese economy and political arena – and we get a direct grasp of the challenges and issues faced by German companies in the country. With three employees, we are a small but nonetheless effective team.


Stefan Gätzner, BDI Chief Repre­sen­tative Greater China

Football as it's meant to be.

Bundesliga International


The Bundesliga is the premier professional associ­ation football league in Germany, established in 1963, comprising 36 teams in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. The Bundesliga is broadcast on television in over 200 countries and is operated by the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga.


Office space of Bundesliga International at German Centre Beijing

Bundesliga International is a full subsidiary of DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL). Its main focus is to drive internationalisation by increasing passion for the Bundesliga with contagious ‘Football as it’s meant to be’ content using the highest technical innovation standards. Bundesliga International is marketing the audiovisual, sponsorship (partnership) rights, brand and digital licenses through a global network of 80 partners.


Bundesliga events in China

The Bundesliga has announced a comprehensive, long-term strategy aimed at increasing engagement with China to be delivered by its repre­sen­tative office in Beijing. Bundesliga International will play a key role in building on the positive relationship between German and Chinese football. The overarching objective is to develop a wide-ranging marketing strategy designed to build on the league’s large following in the country, which has been steadily growing since the 1990’s thanks to regular coverage of the league by long-term supporter CCTV. The China office will work closely with Bundesliga media partner PP Sports, making use of their video and content expertise as well as leveraging the market influence of their parent company – Suning Commerce Group.


Patrick Stüber, Chief Repre­sen­tative / Head of China


Special offer for German Centre tenants:

Receive the latest information about Bundesliga in China via our regular newsletter (in English & Chinese). Please contact: edward.meng@bundesliga-international.com

Technology Transfer.


  • Full Name: Fraunhofer Institute for Production and Information Tech­no­lo­gies Repre­sen­tative Beijing Office
  • Founded: 1996
  • Industry: Technology Transfer
  • Chief Repre­sen­tative: Mu Hong
  • Website:www.iosb.fraunhofer.de 
  • Contact: muh@fraunhofer.com.cn
  • German Centre tenant since: 2003


The history of our institute began in 1956. Under its current name "Fraunhofer IOSB", established on January 1, 2010, the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Tech­no­lo­gies, and Image Exploitation IOSB grew to become Europe´s largest research institute in the field of image acquisition, processing and analysis. Fraunhofer IOSB´s other areas of activity are control and automation technology, and information and knowledge management.

Fraunhofer IOSB has five locations in Germany: Karlsruhe, Ettlingen, Ilmenau, Lemgo and Görlitz as well as a repre­sen­tative office in Beijing. The three core competencies of Optronics, System Tech­no­lo­gies and Image Exploitation give the institute its distinctive profile.


Fraunhofer - Smart Factory OWL

Our Beijing Office is responsible for the research cooperation and exchange business in China, including:

  • To assist Chinese enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities to establish contacts with our and other relating Fraunhofer Institutes and promote the establishment of partnerships between the two sides.
  • To provide advisory services to scientific research insti­tutions and industrial enterprises interested in bilateral cooperation.
  • Establish and strengthen cooperation between China and Germany in the field of research and development, carry out project exchanges.
  • Accept customer service commission for research and development, including:
  1. Development of core tech­no­lo­gies.
  2. Technology expansion and improvement.
  3. Product design, testing and certification.
  • Organization of seminars and exchange activities.


Mu Hong, Chief Repre­sen­tative

Air Quality.


  • Full Name: IQAir (China) Sales and Service Co. Ltd.
  • Founded: 1963
  • Industry: Air Purification Industry
  • CEO: Frank Hammes
  • Website: www.iqair.cn
  • Contact: Kathy Zhang, Senior Consultant, kathy.zhang@iqair.com,
  • Phone: +86 10 8531 8570 / 138 1038 9379
  • German Centre tenant since: 2016


IQAir is a Swiss air quality technology company founded in 1963, with factories located in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany and Goldach, Switzerland.


Office space of IQAir at German Centre Beijing

As a global leader in air purification and air quality monitoring products, IQAir helps to protect families, businesses, schools, medical facilities and public spaces from air pollution and air toxins in over 70 countries and regions around the world.


IQAir - Air Purification Technology

We are specialists in new construction air pollution control, PM2.5 air pollution control and anti-microbial air purification.


Frank Hammes, CEO


Special offer for German Centre tenants:

IQAir offers German Centre Beijing tenants an opportunity for a free (value 1,980 RMB) air quality assessment of their office space.

Please call IQAir Senior Consultant Kathy Zhang to schedule your assessment today.

Legal Consulting.



Business casual

We are neither a large law firm nor a single lawyer. WZR combines the best of both worlds: Excellence in Chinese business law with a relaxed, personal touch.  


Dr. Florian Kessler, LL.M. oec, CEO and Managing Partner

Keep it simple

Legal work is brain work. That is precisely why you will not hear any legal jargon full of paragraphs from us, but simply plain language. This makes communication with us uncomplicated, just like the slim structure of our office with short distances, quick decisions and a fair price structure.


Silke Neugebohrn, Senior Associate

From Business to business

We know what is important to you when providing legal advice in China. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. This perspective brings great advantages in the overall view, since we always keep your legal, but also the economic and strategic goals in mind.

Focus Areas

  • Corporate law
  • Contract law
  • Labor law


  • 2015: JUVE Award for the category “Law Firm of the Year for the mid-sized sector (SME’s)”.
  • 2016: AI Award for the category “Most Innovative Law Firm”.
  • 2017: Global Award for the category “Corporate and Commercial Law Firm of the Year”.
  • 2018: AI Award for the catgeory „Leading Adviser“.


Special offer for German Centre tenants:

  • First legal advice for free
  • 10% discount on legal fees

Change Management.

CPC Consulting


CPC Consulting is the leading German-based Change Management consultancy with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Istanbul. Since 1993, CPC has been consulting global corporations as well as medium-sized companies in driving impactful transformation.


CPC Beijing Team 

At CPC, we follow a holistic, customer-oriented approach built around our core competencies in Change Management, Organizational Development, and Project Management. In 2018/19 and 2020/21, we were awarded the Hidden Champion for Change Management and Implementation by Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung twice in a row. This reflects the great trust and recognition from the industry.

Follow CPC on WeChat to find out more

After almost 5 years of project-based presence in China, CPC founded an independent legal entity in Beijing in 2015. In 2019, we established our office in Shanghai. Our edge? - We combine German effectiveness with Chinese agility into innovative concepts.


Michael Babilon-Teubenbacher, CEO


Special offer for German Centre tenants:

Introduction session to Agile or Change Management for free (60 min). Find latest information about trends in management related topics in our Wechat Account.

Asset Management.


  • Full Name: Finanzinformation & VermoegensVerwaltung AG Beijing Repre­sen­tative Office
  • Founded: in 1999 by Andreas Gruenewald
  • Industry: Asset Management
  • Chairman: Andreas Gruenewald
  • Website: www.fivv.de
  • Email: info@fivv.de
  • German Centre tenant since: 2005


The FIVV AG acts as an independent, owner-led asset management for private customers, entrepreneur families, foundations and Family Offices.

The company was founded by Andreas Gruenewald in 1999 who became Germany's first independent asset manager to open a repre­sen­tative office in Beijing in 2005. In addition to managing individual client portfolios, FIVV AG is the direct advisor to its own range of mutual funds. Independence, continuity and trust are FIVV's key values.




Special offer for German Centre tenants:

Lecture about world economy by Andreas Gruenewald (in German).

Worldwide Consultants.


  • Full Name: GOPA Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Founded: 2019
  • Industry: Consulting and Project Management
  • Managing Director: Patrick Krause
  • Contact: Michael Mechthold-Jin 
  • Email: michael.mechthold-jin@gopa.de
  • German Centre tenant since: 2019


Currently, GOPA Beijing implements the EU-China Partnership Facility (ECPF).

ECPF is a 36 months’ project commissioned by the European Commission through the Delegation of the European Union to China. The aim of the ECPF is to reinforce EU-China cooperation on a wide range of issues of global relevance and encourage greater convergence between the EU and China on priority matters, while increasing awareness of EU policies in China.

The overall contract value of the ECPF is EUR 7,667,840. ECPF is a demand-driven project, guided by a Steering Group. Its Activities respond to demands from the EU Delegation. The project started in December 2018 and is currently planned until November 2021 with a possible extension.


Services we can offer to other German Centre tenants: 

Management of consulting and training projects

Industry Automation.

IFM Electronics

  • Full Name: ifm electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Founded: 1969
  • Industry: Electronic manu­fac­tur­ing industry
  • Website: www.ifm.cn
  • Phone: 021-3813 4800
  • Service Hotline: 400 880 6651
  • E-mail: info.cn@ifm.com
  • German Centre tenant since: 2008


ifm, founded in 1969, headquarters in Essen, Germany, is a market leading manufacturer for sensors. ifm products are widely applied in almost all automation industries, such as automotive industry, food & beverage industry, machine tools, new energy, conveyor technology, mobile machines etc. As one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and the specialist for automation technology with 50 years of experience, ifm does not only provide components, but also focuses on data. It unlocks the potential of sensors through IO-Link functionality and makes full use of the sensor data with the Y-path of ifm in order to be well prepared for Industry 4.0. ifm offers digital sensors, distributes modules and system solutions for predictive maintenance, continuous diagnosis and energy management of customers’ equipment. Quality for us means far exceeding the actual product which is a promise we take seriously. So we offer a 5-year warranty on each catalog product. 

ifm is represented by more than 7,300 employees in over 95 countries worldwide. It hit the 1-billion-euro mark in sales for the first time in its history in 2019 – the year of its 50th anniversary.



Company history: Some years before the foundation, the two founders, "salesman" Gerd Marhofer and "electrical engineer" Robert Buck, set up rolling mills and steel plants for a plant manufacturer in Alsace. But they were not satisfied with this work. Therefore, Robert Buck started to build his own sensors and circuitry in the bedroom of his flat in Tettnang as of 1967. Based on Gerd Marhofer's idea, he designed an inductive sensor for 220 V supply voltage. So far no other company had mastered this kind of detection without contact, but Robert Buck was a fantastic developer.       



ifm China was established in 2005 with headquarters in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech area. In order to offer better service to our customers in China, ifm China set totally 9 offices such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Changsha, Qingdao, Dalian, Chengdu, Nanjing and Wuhan, as well as 16 sales sites including Changchun, Xi’an, Shenzhen and other cities.



More than 150 employees aim to provide customers with high-quality services from product selection, on-site maintenance and so on, helping them realize smart manu­fac­tur­ing and digital transformation.

Urban Planning and Architecture.

KSP Architects

  • Full Name: KSP Jürgen Engel Architects (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
  • Founded: over 80 years ago
  • Industry: Urban Planning and Architecture
  • General Manager: Markus Lauber
  • Website: www.ksp-architekten.de
  • Contact: Ms. Lili Zeng,l.zeng@ksp-architekten.net
  • German Centre tenant since: 2004


KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten is a large German architectural design company with a history of more than 80 years. With more than 300 employees, it is one of the largest architectural design companies in Germany, and designed and built many public cultural building projects. Besides projects in Germany, KSP also has made great achievements all over the world.


National Library of China, Beijing

We have branches in four German cities of Berlin, Braunschweig, Frankfurt and Munich. In addition, in order to have a deep understanding of the local regional characteristics and to participate extensively in the planning, design and construction process, KSP entered Shanghai in 2004 and set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, KSP Jürgen Engel Architects (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and meanwhile has branches in Beijing and Shenzhen.


Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin

The company's business scope not only includes the traditional business in the construction industry, but also provides comprehensive and thoughtful one-stop service related to construction and Engineering: from urban planning, architectural design, interior design to construction management to product design. Design types include: urban planning, high-rise office, cultural public buildings, education and scientific research, medical treatment, sports, reconstruction of existing houses, sustainable buildings, and consulting services. 


Shenzhen Art Museum and Library, Shenzhen

Only when all relevant links can be fully connected and fully cooperated, can a planning and design project produce the maximum added value that meets our requirements and is expected by client. The company has always obtained most projects through participating in international architectural design competitions, in order to keep the team innovative spirit.

Offices, Advice, Networks.

German Centre Beijing

  • Full Name: German Centre for Industry and Trade Beijing Co. Ltd.
  • Founded: 1999, a member of LBBW Group
  • Industry: Commercial Real Estate
  • Managing Director: Jochen Tenhagen
  • Website: www.germancentre.cn
  • Contact: welcome@germancentre.cn
  • Phone: +86 10 6590 69-19/-20/-21
  • German Centre tenant since: 1999


The German Centre Beijing is the ideal place to work, do business and get connected in China. Since opening our doors in 1999 we have been a "home away from home" for companies from German-speaking countries who come to the German Centre to start and grow their business in China.

The German Centre Beijing provides modern and flexible office spaces from 20 to 2,000 sqm in a prime location. Our two buildings - the Landmark Tower and DRC Diplomatic Office Building - are centrally located in Beijing's business and diplomatic district Chaoyang with excellent connection to the public transportation network, Beijing Capital Airport and the 3rd ring highway.


Office space at the German Centre Beijing

130 companies currently enjoy the advantages of the excellent infrastructure and location and the access to a strong network of companies from a wide range of sectors. We are a platform for sharing experiences and best practice. Our professional multilingual team supports companies with practical advice and services to successfully navigate the fast-paced Chinese market.

In addition to providing tailor-made offices, we also offer conference and meeting facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.


Jochen Tenhagen, Managing Director

The German Centre Beijing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and part of a network of German Centres worldwide.


Special offer for German Centre tenants:

Benefit from special rates for our meeting and conference rooms. Our modern and flexible spaces can be booked easily online: Book Meeting and Conference Rooms now

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