The future of work.

Smart technology and equipment.


We not only provide high-quality work spaces, but also a modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art tech­no­lo­gies.


Smart Building Technology.

DRC Liangmaqiao is a Grade-A office building with many smart features:

  • Integrating Office Automation system (OA)
  • Communication Automation System (CA)
  • Fire Automation System (FA)
  • Security Automation System (SA)
  • Building Automation Systems (BA)

are forming a Class-5A intelligent management system.

Fiber connections to all units with a supposed bandwidth of up to 250MB - ensuring high speed internet connections.

Central air conditioners are provided, while independent cooling or heating delay control can be operated on every floor. The air conditioning unit is bactericidal. It can maximize energy conservation using dual 10kv power supply and intellectual lighting in public areas.

There are 18 Schindler elevators and 20 Mitsubishi escalators, ensuring a rapid and easy evacuation if needed.

The smart parking provides 19 ground parking spaces and 454 underground ones.

State-of-art Audio and conferencing solutions. 

A great example for forward-thinking workspace design is our partnership with Sennheiser.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many meetings have moved online. We saw a huge increase in demand for better meeting room audio and conferencing solution to support this ‘new normal’. 

We installed two units of Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2)  ceiling microphones in our conference and meeting area to improve the meeting and conferencing experience.

What made TCC2 the perfect audio and conferencing solution is its TruVoicelift – an automatic beamforming technology.

TruVoicelift significantly increases speech amplification in a meeting or conference room, allowing participants to be heard loudly and clearly from every corner of the room.

This has also enabled a true contactless and wireless experience for our tenants, which has greatly reduced hygiene risk.