On Monday 28 August 2017 Joy Beans Coffee Shop opened right next to the DRC Building, offering our tenants a new coffee break option, with a beautiful outside terrace. 

We talked to barista Kay Wu (31) to learn more about the concept of the store - an interesting conversation with a bright young woman telling us about her personal back­ground and her passion for coffee.

German Centre Beijing: Can you shortly introduce yourself?

Kay: For the past few years I have been working in a big Consulting company in Shanghai. But I decided to make a change in my life, left my corporate job and instead follow my passion for coffee. So I moved back to my hometown Beijing to work as a barista in Joy Beans.

German Centre Beijing: How did your passion for coffee start?

Kay: I started to really discover coffee, when I went abroad. I studied in Arizona, U.S. and later also had several trips to Germany. I realized, that there are significant differences in quality and a wide variety in taste. I wanted to learn more about different types of beans, roasting and brewing techniques - so I went to Chiang Mai (Thailand) to study coffee science. Personally I really like fine, fruity flavors.

German Centre Beijing: Why did you decide to work for Joy Beans?

Kay: I am excited about working for Joy Beans, as the store concept is focused on high-quality coffee beans from South America and Africa, that are all locally roasted. In search for the perfect flavor we will soon also offer the new trend of dripping coffee. The founders of Joy Beans are a group of eight architects, so we have a really nicely designed store with a sunny terrace. It's a great working environment.

The German Centre Beijing Team thinks that this stylish coffee shop is a great addition to the existing gastronomy in DRC Building. Try it out by yourself!

Opening hours: Everyday, 7.30 am - 9.00 pm